Reverse Osmosis Plant

  1. Reverse Osmosis Water Plant

    Four Stages of Reverse Osmosis Plant :

    • Sediment Filter : Strain out sediment, slit and dirt
    • Carbon Filter : Remove chlorine and other contaminants
    • Reverse Osmosis Membrane : Filter out almost all additional contaminants
    • Polishing Filter : Remove any remaining taste and odor in the water
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  2. Stainless Steel RO Plant

    Our SS RO Plant is used in water treatment plants. These plants conduct various processes including sand filtration, softening of hard water, carbon filtration and removal of suspended particles by using the cartridge filters. Our filtration systems are perfectly engineered with a rust proof surface. The offered reserve osmosis systems are made up of premium quality of filtering equipment. These filtration systems are available at competitive prices to our customers. Our systems are highly durable and reliable.
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  3. Dialysis RO Water Treatment Plant

    Our Dialysis RO Plant is exclusively designed for medical purposes. These plants purify water, which is suitable patients suffering from critical causalities like kidney failures. The design of these dialysis treatment plants is according to the international standards of quality. The offered plants have grade one components which are highly reliable and durable. Our treatment plants have a wide working temperature and high rate of removing impurities.
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  4. FRP RO Plant

    FRP RO plants are used in various industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, hydrogen production and many more. These plants use a micron cartridge filter to remove micron size dissolved particles from the body. These purifier plants have a very low rejection rate.
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  5. RO Water Treatment Plant

    Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufacturers in India
    Dew Pure is the manufacturer and supplier of domestic as well as industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants of premium quality. Our range of products is available in a variety of flow rates and can be customised as per customer specifications and requirements. They can be configured to suffice a plethora of purposes, including those in water processing industries, food and beverages sectors, pharmaceutical factories, and boiler feed water systems.Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufacturers in India
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