Water Ultrafiltration System

Water Ultrafiltration System
Product Description

Ultrafiltration (UF) is an assortment of layer filtration in which powers like weight or fixation slopes prompt a detachment through a semipermeable film. Suspended solids and solutes of high sub-atomic weight are held in the alleged retentate, while water and low sub-atomic weight solutes go through the layer in the penetrate (filtrate). This partition procedure of Water Ultrafiltration System is utilized as a part of industry and research for filtering and focusing macromolecular arrangements, particularly protein arrangements. It is utilized as a part of both pretreatment as well as post treatment of water. These are uniquely designed ultrafiltration devices, which are widely utilized as a part of mechanical water and waste-water treatment applications. These units are cutting edge gear, intended to limit speculation cost and amplify execution meeting stringent natural security prerequisites.

Technical Specifications:



Rated operating pressure

0.3 Mpa



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